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Investment Returns By Asset Class – February 2013 Update

Here is my monthly update of the trailing total returns for the major asset classes that I find useful. Passive ETFs are used to represent major asset classes, as they represent actual investments that folks can buy and sell. Return data was taken … [Read the rest]

TreeHugger CEO Apartment: 420 Square Feet, 8 Rooms

I'm surprised I missed this earlier since I love this type of thing, but below is a nicely edited video from Gizmodo showing the 420 square feet apartment of TreeHugger.com CEO Graham Hill. It's cool how they fit in the claimed 8 rooms using moving … [Read the rest]

Index Fund vs. Top Hedge Funds: Buffett Bet Halfway Update

Halfway Update - 5 Years Later! Carol Loomis has posted the 5-year update in Fortune of the $1,000,000 index fund vs. hedge fund bet. Halfway through the 10-year bet (1/1/08 to 12/31/17), the Vanguard S&P 500 index fund backed by Buffett is up by … [Read the rest]

Book Review: Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Viktor Frankl was a respected doctor and therapist before he became a concentration camp prisoner during the Holocaust. After somehow surviving the unthinkable only to find that he had lost both his parents and his pregnant wife, he wrote the book … [Read the rest]

qara.info Retirement Portfolio Update – January 2013

Here's a belated 2012 year-end update of our investment portfolio, including employer 401(k) plans, self-employed retirement plans, Traditional and Roth IRAs, and taxable brokerage holdings. Cash reserves (emergency fund), college savings accounts, … [Read the rest]

Book Review: Bossypants Memoir by Tina Fey

I have a goal this year to read and review more books, ideally a book per week on average. Recently, I've been into reading biographical books about interesting people pursuing their passions. Feel free to send me some suggestions. Tina Fey's … [Read the rest]

Best Buy $50 off $100 Coupon, In-Store with Mastercard

(Short version: Best Buy makes attempt to alienate the last few customers that they have left, and succeeds.) … [Read the rest]

Free Pizza: Super Bowl Giveaway at Papa John’s

Visit PapaJohnsCoinToss.com and if you guess the Super Bowl coin toss correctly, you'll get a unique coupon code for a free large 1-topping pizza redeemable at papajohns.com. The thing is, the terms and conditions clearly allow up to 4 four … [Read the rest]

PlasticJungle Promotion: Sell $200 in Gift Cards, Get $20 in Credit

Have some unused or unwanted gift cards left over? Gift card exchange site PlasticJungle.com is having a promotion where if you sell them $200 in gift cards by midnight Friday, you'll get $20 credit towards a future gift card purchase. When you go to … [Read the rest]

The Benefits of Tracking Your Net Worth

The free Personal Financial Planning course on Coursera has begun (there's still time to join), and the first week's topic is "Where are you? Where are you going". One of the activities is calculating your personal net worth. It may seem like a … [Read the rest]

GradSave.com: Contribute to 529 Plan with Credit Card

LivingSocial is currently offering a $50 Gradsave gift card for $24 (expired). The GradSave College Savings Gift Card can be redeemed for a $50 deposit into any national 529 college savings plan. So if you're already meaning to contribute some … [Read the rest]

The 10 Most Reliable Jobs, Lowest Unemployment Rates

If you're a parent, student, or just someone looking to switch jobs, here's a list of the professions where you'll be least likely to become unemployed. Think of it as a career guide for the risk-averse or those who want the best odds. The WSJ … [Read the rest]