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Paying Down a 30-Year Mortgage Faster vs. 15-Year Mortgage

What a difference a year makes. In August 2011, I did a mortgage comparison of a 15-year at 3.75% vs. 30-year at 4.75%. Now I'm redoing that same comparison at current market rates of 30 yr @ 3.25% vs. 15 yr @ 2.625%! To be fair, the numbers I used … [Read the rest]

Mortgage Rates Still Dropping: Good Time To Switch From 30-Year to 15-Year?

In case you haven't been paying attention, mortgage rates are still dropping to new lows. Here's a chart of the historical mortgage rate averages since I bought my house in late 2007, courtesy of HSH.com. It includes the 30-year fixed, 15-year … [Read the rest]

What Is Your Holstee Manifesto?

Apparently I completely missed this when it first became popular, but the Holstee Manifesto is a set of ideals put forth by the founders of Holstee, a small apparel company which only sells environmentally-conscious and sustainably-sourced products. … [Read the rest]

MyMoneyBlog Holiday Gift Buying Battle Plan

Holiday shopping season is upon us... According to a Black Friday survey, and the average shopper spent $423 this long weekend. Another National Retail Federation survey reported the average spending per person in 2011 was about $704. (They also … [Read the rest]

American Express Gift Card Fee Waiver Promo Code

American Express Gift Cards are a popular option for those last-minute or difficult holiday gifts. Here are the highlights: Works wherever American Express is accepted. No fees after purchase. Other cards may have inactivity fees or … [Read the rest]

The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN is an upscale-oriented charge card for small businesses where you must pay off the balance each month, but you get the famous AMEX perks like purchase price protection, extended product … [Read the rest]

American Express Sync + Xbox Promotion

Here is another American Express Sync promotion if you sync your AmEx card with your Xbox LIVE Gamertag on Xbox 360. Visit AmeXbox.com to register. At the very minimum, you'll get $10 for registering your card at AmeXbox.com, with more lucrative … [Read the rest]

2013 401k, 403b, 457, TSP Contribution Limit Increases – Historical Chart

The IRS recently announced increased contribution limits for various qualified retirement plans for tax year 2013. The limitations are indexed to increases in cost-of-living (inflation) as per section 415 of the tax code. In particular, the … [Read the rest]

2013 IRA Contribution Limit Increases – Historical Chart

The IRS recently announced the Traditional and Roth IRA contribution limits for tax year 2013. The limitations are indexed to inflation, but only in $500 increments (as of 2010) which are triggered when the cost-of-living calculation reaches a … [Read the rest]

ING Direct’s New Name: Capital One 360

ING Direct announced to customers last week that they would soon change their name to Capital One 360, effective February 2013. Goodbye big orange ball, you were the first no-frills savings account that paid high interest by piggybacking on regular … [Read the rest]

Beating the Market: Investment Skill, or Luck?

One of the eternal questions in investing is whether performance results are due to skill or luck. We'll probably never get a universally-accepted answer, but Michael Mauboussin (chief investment strategist at Legg Mason Capital Management) explores … [Read the rest]

Chase Ink Bold & Plus: Free Airport Lounge Access Details

I've already written about the Ink Plus® Business Card (review) previously - which has a great 60,000 point bonus worth $725 towards any travel, good Ultimate Rewards structure and redemption options, and the first year annual fee is waived. If you … [Read the rest]