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Cost of Convenience: Homemade vs. Frozen Pizza

Inspired by both the book Cooked and my Live Below the Line experiment, I'm doing a series of posts investigating how much extra trouble it is to cook at home. How much time do you really save? How much more does it cost? Plus all the … [Read the rest]

Amazon Student $10 Referral Credit Promotion

Back to School time is here again, and Amazon has a promotion where you get can $10 free credit for each new Amazon Student member that you refer to sign up. If you've got some social media influence in college or just met 100 new friends in your … [Read the rest]

$30,000 Beat-the-Benchmark Experiment Update – August 2013

Here's the August 2013 update for my Beat the Market Experiment, a series of three portfolios started on November 1st, 2012: $10,000 Passive Benchmark Portfolio that would serve as both a performance benchmark and an real-world, low-cost … [Read the rest]

Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card Review – Simple 1.5% Cash Back

The Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card is a cash back credit card that earns unlimited 1.5% cash back on all purchases. In addition, there is a one-time $100 bonus once you spend $500 on purchases within the first 3 months. … [Read the rest]

Satellite TV Retention Department Employee On Haggling Discounts

One of my more popular posts is about Haggling To Lower Your Cable or Direct TV Satellite Bill. Looking at the stats, I would confidently estimate that hundreds of people have saved hundreds of dollars each after reading it and taking some action. … [Read the rest]

How Spending Changes Throughout Working Life and Retirement

Common retirement planning advice tells you to plan on replacing 70-80% of your pre-retirement income. However, this Financial Post article argues that number may be closer to 35%. Article found via k66 of Bogleheads. Essentially, the author … [Read the rest]

Car Insurance Quote Shopping and Credit Checks

After doing a car insurance quote comparison test, I wanted to clear up any confusion regarding applying for car insurance and your credit history. Here's why you should be able to get quotes from as many insurers as you like without worrying about … [Read the rest]

Cooked: A Book About Why You Should… Cook

Consider the following questions that you may have asked yourself recently: What can you do to consume fewer calories while eating healthier food? How do you get your family to spend more time together, talk, and connect? How do you get the … [Read the rest]

Auto Insurance Quote Comparison Results: State Farm vs. GEICO vs. Allstate vs. Progressive vs. Liberty Mutual

Inspired by reader experiences, I set aside an hour today to obtain auto insurance quotes from the major providers in my area. Insurance companies provide different quotes for "new customers" and "renewals". Guess which one is usually lower? Also, … [Read the rest]

Free eBook on Small Business Tax Deductions (Expired)

(Update: Free promo is expired, it's back at $9.99.) Just a quick note that there is a Kindle eBook about tax deductions for small businesses, including self-employed people, that is currently free called Small Business Tax Deduction Secrets by … [Read the rest]

Tweaking Common Advice: Take Risks While You’re Young

A common piece of advice I've heard is "Take risks while you're young." This is often applied to personal finance, in terms of trying to land a higher-paying job, starting a new business, or pursuing your passion. The thinking goes something like … [Read the rest]

Yale Professor Subtly Threatens High-Cost 401(k) Plans

Speaking of how to deal with bad 401(k) plans... Yale Professor Ian Ayres decided to write letters to thousands of 401(k) plan sponsors that have high costs and fees according to data from website Brightscope. I'm totally paraphrasing and adding … [Read the rest]

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