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$10,000 Beat-the-Benchmark Speculative Portfolio Update – March 2013

Here's the 2nd piece of the monthly updates for my Beat the Market Experiment, a set of three portfolios started on November 1st, 2012. Since this update is rather boring, let me provide an update on the overall experiment: $10,000 Passive … [Read the rest]

Amazon Gift Card, Kindle Accessories Promotion

Amazon has a special Kindle promotion where if you buy a certain amount of Amazon gift cards, you'll get up to 20% back towards qualifying Amazon Kindle accessories in the form of a promotion code (i.e. coupon code). The key here is that "Amazon.com … [Read the rest]

Amazon Mom & Baby Promotions: $10 Off Diapers, Coupon Book

Amazon Mom is a program that has some nice perks for parents if you already pay for Amazon Prime at $79 a year (name is a little sexist, though ;)). The main draw is the 20% off diapers & wipes (5% Subscribe & Save discount + 15% Amazon Mom … [Read the rest]

$10,000 Benchmark Portfolio Update – March 2013

Time again for a Beat the Market Experiment monthly update, for the first of three portfolios started on November 1st, 2012: $10,000 Passive Benchmark Portfolio that would serve as both a performance benchmark and an real-world, low-cost … [Read the rest]

Sam’s Club Membership Discount – LivingSocial

(Update: Extended for an additional day. Also, if you use them, remember that you can save even more with cashback shopping sites like eBates ($5 new customer bonus), Mr. Rebates ($5 bonus), and BigCrumbs.) LivingSocial has a special Sam's Club … [Read the rest]

Investment Returns By Asset Class – March 2013 Update

Here is my monthly update of the trailing total returns for the major asset classes that I find useful. Passive ETFs are used to represent major asset classes, as they represent actual investments that folks can buy and sell. Return data was taken … [Read the rest]

Free $5 Gift Card for Joining Starbucks Rewards

Starbucks is offering a free $5 gift card for new members of their Starbucks Rewards program that register a Starbucks (gift) card. If you don't have one, you can either buy one from a physical store or use their mobile app. Ends … [Read the rest]

iShares Core ETF List: Lower-Cost Index ETFs for Buy-and-Hold Investors

The index fund fee wars continue... You may or may not know that Blackrock's iShares is the largest ETF provider in the world, with over 250 US-listed ETFs and the largest asset base by a good margin. iShares ETFs tend to have big volume and are … [Read the rest]

Fidelity Freedom Funds Review: Avoid High Cost Target Date Retirement Funds

Updated and revised. Fidelity Investments does a lot of things well, but their Fidelity Freedom series of target-date retirement funds is not one of them. I've been warning people about these funds since 2006, although recently they've been … [Read the rest]

Fidelity Spartan Index Mutual Fund Fee Reductions, Lower Minimum Investments

Fidelity Investments made some cost-cutting moves recently to try and keep their index fund products competitive (full press release). This comes at the same time that their actively-managed equity funds are seeing large amount of withdrawals, per … [Read the rest]

Recent Vanguard Index Fund Benchmark Changes = Lower Costs

Recently, Vanguard has made some big moves in the index fund space. Well, they were big for people in the business, but for individual investors it basically boiled down to some simple good news: even lower costs, which happily means larger … [Read the rest]

Billboard #1 Song In The US is about Frugality?!?

For the 4th week in a row, the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 is "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Wanz. It's also currently the #1 download on Amazon MP3 Top 100. The song is about... frugality? ...buying clothes from … [Read the rest]