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Lessons from a Man Living on $5,000 a Year

Can a person live in the US on only $5,000 a year? According to this NBC News article and this Youtube video, Dan Price has been doing it for 20 years. I enjoy these kinds of interviews as they reinforce the fact that we all make choices every … [Read the rest]

Ally Bank CD Early Withdrawal Penalty Change: Details & Analysis

Ally Bank just announced that they will be changing the early withdrawal policy on their CDs starting on December 7, 2013. Found via Ken Tumin's DepositAccounts post, the details are now officially outlined in the fees tab of their certificates of … [Read the rest]

Quick Reference: Membership Rewards vs. Starwood Points vs. Chase Ultimate Rewards

Due to birth of our first child, we haven't been traveling much the last 24 months. However, I've still been racking up the miles (via credit card bonuses, credit card rewards, dining rewards, and shopping portals) and have built up a sizable pile … [Read the rest]

American Express Membership Rewards Transfer Bonuses – British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Choice Hotels

American Express occasionally runs limited-time promotions that increase the transfer rate from their Membership Rewards points. To see these bonuses, visit Currently promotions: British Airways 20% Bonus. That makes … [Read the rest]

Lessons from the First Jobs of Financial Gurus

Chris Taylor of Reuters has been writing some mini-interviews about the first jobs of well-known finance gurus like Warren Buffett and Jack Bogle. They include newspaper delivery boys, retail stockboy, gofer, shoeshine boy, USPS mail sorter, … [Read the rest]

Amazon Free Super Saver Shipping: Higher $35 Minimum, Officially Slower recently announced changes to their Free Super Saver Shipping program. First, the minimum order size for "free shipping" has increased to $35 from $25. Second, it is officially getting slower: With free shipping, your order will be … [Read the rest]

International Bonds Now Largest Asset Class in World Market

This Vanguard article included an infographic (see below) that shows the growth of international bonds as an asset class. If you were to consider the world's investable market as split between bonds and equities, internationally-issued bonds are … [Read the rest]

Fidelity 529 College Savings Plan Index Portfolios & Fee Reducton

Fidelity Investments recently made a 40% reduction on the management fees for their direct-sold 529 Index Portfolios, with total expense ratios now ranging from 0.19-0.29%, down from 0.25-0.35%. Fidelity runs 529 plans based in New Hampshire, … [Read the rest]

Free Online Finance and Retirement Planning Course from Stanford

Stanford University is offering a free open online course "Finance of Retirement & Pensions" taught by Joshua Rauh, Professor of Finance, running 10/14-12/13. Here's the course description and a video: In this eight-week course, you will learn … [Read the rest]

Uncrustables and the Many Degrees of Frugality

At the recommendation of reader from one of my Cost of Convenience posts, I have been reading the book Make the Bread, Buy the Butter by Jennifer Reese. In it, Reese does many similar cooking experiments where she decides whether it is better to … [Read the rest]

How Simple or Complex Are Your Finances?

Dan Kadlec of Time magazine offers up 9 Ways to Simplify Your Finances. I always swing back and forth, wanting a nice simple financial life one day, and the next day itching to try out all the cool new financial tools out there. I tend to split … [Read the rest]

TripAdvisor + American Express $5 Promo

Link your American Express card, write an approved review on TripAdvisor, get $5. Details at Get a $5 statement credit when you connect your eligible American Express Card with TripAdvisor and leave one … [Read the rest]