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Jet Shopping Club Promo: Free 6 Month Membership ($25 Value)

jetOnline shopping club has been hyped as “part Costco, part mall, and all anti-Amazon” by Businessweek. It’s not even live yet, but it will be like Costco in that Jet plans to make their profit only from membership fees and make no money on actually selling the merchandise to you.

The idea sounds hard to implement online, but the founder is the guy that sold to Amazon for oh, just half a billion dollars.

All this supposedly means that Jet prices will be 10% to 15% lower than anywhere else, including Amazon! Given that a membership will be $50 a year, I was interested to learn that Jet is giving out a free 6-month membership to anyone who signed up via a Jet Insider referral link. The more you refer others, the more perks you can get. Given that I only found out about this today, I’m currently ranked #303,977, and there is only 3 days left in this promotion, it is unlikely that I’ll get the coveted free shares of Jet stock given to the top 10. Ah well. Maybe just let me in on the IPO? 🙂

The Jet Insider program will end on February 6th, 2015, at 11:59 am ET.

Amazon’s (Positive) Free Shipping Policy Change

Amazon has made a subtle change to their free shipping on orders over $35 policy (for users that don’t pay extra for Amazon Prime). Via LA Times and krutis of FW.

There are now more than triple the number of items you can use to meet Amazon’s minimum $35 order for free shipping, making it easier to fill up your shopping cart and qualify for free shipping. Find eligible offers by looking for items with “FREE Shipping” listed on the product detail page.


Previously, in order to get free shipping on orders over $35, they all had to be fulfilled by Amazon (meaning they are shipped out of an Amazon warehouse). Usually these products were also eligible for Amazon Prime subscribers (who could buy it without any minimum purchase size). Now, any product from any merchant that offers “FREE Shipping”, even if they ship it themselves, counts toward the $35 requirement. According to Amazon, adding these third-party folks effectively triples the number of items available.

This isn’t a huge change, as you could probably already buy those non-Amazon-warehoused items with free shipping by themselves, but it is handy to know as now combining certain things together can help you meet the $35 minimum.

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